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May 20th 2010

On the far side of the barbed wire fence lies the chalk stream that the cows were paddling in, (see yesterday’s image) on the other side was my friends’ fish pond and a mother duck had brought her ducklings for a peaceful swim to escape the cows. Click to enlarge…

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    • That was quick! I had barely pressed ‘publish’ and you had commented!

      Glad you enjoyed the photograph. I’m going to try to get to the Swannery near where I live this week as the baby swans are hatching. I will post some photographs if I get there. Not as cute as ducklings if Danny Kaye is to be believed….

  1. Oh, those sweet cows would never bother the duck and ducklings! 🙂

    Do you know if those are mallards or black ducks?

    Cygnets may not be a cute as ducklings, but not nearly as revolting as baby (or adult) vultures or condors. ;D

    • She wasn’t taking any chances!
      Yes, I do believe they are mallards, not sure if we have black ducks…my favourites are mandarin ducks – gorgeous things.
      I’ve never seen a baby vulture or a condor for that matter Will have to resort to Google to see what they look like…

    • Oh bless! That is one ugly little chap. Didn’t spot the explanation about the puppet at first and wondered about the parent bird too… 🙂

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