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May 25th 2010

Today, two for the price of one. Before and after shots of the view from my garden. A year ago and now… I could weep every time I look out of the window 😦

There are going to be 50 houses built on the hillside on the opposite side of the river…such a shame. Click to enlarge.

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    • I feel the same way but as it’s only my view that is ruined I could hardly complain! But they have chopped down a dozen or so trees (which improved my view of the building site no end – thanks, guys) and I think they had tree protection orders on them so hopefully they will have to replant some. We shall see. I am turning into Mrs Nasty – always on the phone to the council, the River Authority, the Tree Protection people…

    • I’m more cross about the chopped down trees which would have screened it somewhat. And I now have to plant tall stuff all along my boundary fence as they are also building a public footpath through the field between me and the site. Woe is me 😦

      • Yeah, why DID they have to cut down all those trees? Surely they didn’t need to clear that much space. I hope the footpath doesn’t come too close to your home.

  1. oH NO! I am SO sorry to hear that! How awful!

    I really feel for you about the trees, the house we used to live in had some beautiful large trees on the boundary that were the backdrop for my view, and one day someone came along with a chainsaw! – I was in shock and in tears. . .you have my deepest sympathy. ;-(

    • It’s sad isn’t it? Every day I am shocked by something else – they have started building (or should I say throwing up) the houses that I will see, nearest the river. They seem HUGE! Much bigger than my hopeful imagination thought they would be 😦

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