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May 30th 2010

I have three fridge magnets on my giant American sized fridge. Two are pictures of my boys when they were much younger and the third is a handy reminder to us all. Although as my fridge is so big this does give me a lot of leeway….

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  1. How on earth did you secure an american sized fridge?! Sweet photos of your boys, and truly a great reminder in pretty caligraphy. LOL!

  2. They are very popular over here now, even UK manufacturers make them. Only trouble is they are deeper than the standard size for kitchen cupboards so they stick out a bit but its worth it for the extra space…

  3. Friends from the U.S. who’ve moved to Europe have complained about how the fridges are so small, they need to shop pretty much every day. Very cool that you have a bigger fridge! I’ll have to tell those friends to look for the larger ones. 🙂

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