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July 2nd 2010

I saw this very freaky looking plant down by the river when I was walking the pooch yesterday. I couldn’t get close to look at it closely but I think it is cow parsley – but it did not look like any cow parsley I have ever seen before. It all seemed to be growing from one fat stem. Anyone got any ideas? Click to enlarge.

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    • Hey! You’re back! Hurrah!

      My gardener, Sam, just Facebooked me and he reckons it’s called Hogweed and it is horrible stuff – he says not to touch it as it burns skin off! Yikes! Sounds like something from Harry Potter 🙂

      • I’m physically back, but as you can probably tell, I’m still sluggish and not able to catch up too quickly. :}

        YUCK!! What a horrid sounding plant! And, yes, it does sound like something out of Harry Potter.

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