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July 27th 2010

I was invited to go to RIAT last week – the Royal International Air Tattoo, at Fairford in Gloucester. It wasn’t a particularly good day weatherwise, it was blustery and squally so the Spitfires and Hurricanes which were going to take part in a fly past to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain weren’t able to take part as they hadn’t been able to take off. (The Messerschmitt managed to make it however – insert your own jokes at this point). Apparently this wasn’t a problem during the war as the aircraft were taking off in fields and so could take off in any direction to suit the wind conditions. Only with the use of runways, does the wind become a problem. Interesting, not all progress is an advance it seems.

One aircraft, the F22 – the Raptor gave a display that was SO astonishing I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Absolutely amazing display. I want one, but for £400 million, I think I may have to save up for some time and content myself with watching it again on YouTube.

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    • I think if you were up in the F22 for more than 5 minutes fear would be the last thing on your mind – you would be too busy throwing up!

      I used to be very afraid of flying but I had some hypnosis to try and cure the problem and while I didn’t think it had worked at the time, I’m actually very much better now so it seems to have done the trick.

  1. LOL! Oh yeah…throwing up…that’d be fun too! ;D

    I don’t think I could go for hypnosis because I’m too skeptical. I’ve often wished it could work on me though; seems like a better way to go than popping Dramamine or something.

    • At the time I was convinced that it hadn’t worked – at no time was I in a trance or asleep or anything like that. In fact, the woman who did it had a very irritating voice which I didn’t find at all soothing or relaxing but I have to say I gradually lost my fear of flying so something must have lodged in my subconscious! Not that I LOVE flying but at least I do it now without all the associated trauma 🙂

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