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August 9th 2010

I’m not usually a fan of rose bushes but I do like this one in my garden. Such a great colour.

You may have noticed that my template has changed. WordPress told me that my old one was being withdrawn so I decided to have a complete change. Which is as good as a rest, so they say. I’m still finding out what I can do with this template so there may be further changes to come. How exciting. Or not….

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  1. I love roses – started growing only old roses for their perfume and classic look; but the modern colours and larger blooms (generally that is0 are better from a distance methinks. Stunning colour photo

    • I like the rose flowers I’m just not very fond of the look of rose bushes in a garden. This one is small and grows in a terracotta pot, so I have let it in 🙂

  2. Hey, neat new format (don’t you hate it when they change things on your without asking for your opinion first though?)!

    I’m still ISO a good rosebush for our area…yours is so pretty!

    • Hmm, I quite like this theme but it isn’t doing what it is supposed to and there are a few quirks (isO and ISO in both your comments? What’s that all about?) It’s also supposed to have a background pattern which has not appeared.

      WordPress did warn it was going and offered another, very similar template to my old one which was supposed to be even more customisable but I thought I would have a change. The jury is still out….

        • It seems to be behaving itself now, although this image is still split in two when you go to ‘home’ and scroll down the entries – but not here – weird, Not sure what I’ve done and can’t see how to fix it. At least it only did it once – maybe people will think I was being artistic…..

          • I noticed that…I thought I was hallucinating at first. LOL! Sometimes when I scroll down too fast, my screen will do that, but it wasn’t my screen this time.

            And you ARE artistic! =)

  3. Ha! Fixed it! It seems you can have a ‘featured post’ and I inadvertently ticked the box- unticked it and the extra image has gone. Still not sure what it means but my need for tidyness has been appeased – it was really bugging me 🙂

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