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August 21st 2010

Just back from a lightning visit to London which was over much too fast. There is a new shop on Regent Street called  ‘Anthropologie’.  I’ve visited one of their stores before, in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. In fact my friend, Claire, bought a rather nice dress and coat from the store during my visit, to wear when we went to the Cannes Film Festival. (You can read about THAT adventure here.)

The London store is pretty similar, selling an eclectic mix of fashion, accessories and housewares, but it has one up on the Santa Monica store – an astonishing feature wall, 200 sq m of growing plants. The wall links all three floors next to the equally impressive staircase. Apparently there are 14 different types of plants and they are watered by rain water collected from the rooftop. I’m trying to work out where I could have a mini version chez moi….

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