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August 25th 2010

I had planned to go for lunch with a friend today and then we were going to go for a walk. We went to Abbotsbury, a village on the coast which has loads of places to visit and offers endless photographic opportunities. The Tithe Barn (which apparently is the largest thatched building in the world and now houses a children’s zoo), Abbotsbury Swannery, St Catherine’s Chapel, the sub-tropical gardens, Chesil Beach – would we fit it all in? I had planned to come back armed with days, if not weeks worth of amazing images to share with you.

Unfortunately, the weather did not play fair. It hammered down with rain – still is pouring in fact, and we opted for a nice lunch and a gossip and catch up instead.  I did take a couple of photographs (from under an umbrella and from inside the car) but the torrential rain didn’t even show up on the photographs to provide an interesting visual effect. This image is the remains of the abbey and the Tithe Barn in the distance – bit dark and gloomy but you get the idea. I’m going back when the sun is shining 🙂

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  1. But we had a wonderful lunch at the Abbey House Hotel – well worth a visit in rain or shine; in the sunshine you can sit outside with a cream tea and look at the Tithe Barn, animal farm and rolling hills with St Catherine’s Chapel in the distance..

    • No, it seems to be called the Tithe Barn as far as I know. Abbotsbury is a lovely village, I love the Sub-tropical Gardens – determined to visit soon and will post photographs!

    • I know, but shouldn’t complain really, we actually haven’t had that much rain but it is a pain that it chose today to deluge 🙂

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