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  1. my next door neighbours lilac is beautiful too… she rents the house and does nothing to the garden … maybe that is the answer!!! fab photee 🙂

    • No, if that was the answer mine would be like the one in the photograph. Mine is weedy and feeble with a few little buds which don’t look like opening at all…

  2. I have a beautiful lilac blooming just outside my window – I can see it from my desk. . . have you been around here taking photos! lol

    Lovely picture!

  3. We have several. Ours bloomed in April and are looking a bit sad right now. I need to trim them down also because they are getting a bit unruly. That most likely means no blooms next year, but it has to be done.

    • I would post an image of my straggly specimen but it doesn’t deserve to grace these pages 🙂
      I would love unruly. Maybe I need to trim mine a bit….

  4. I want a lilac; I used to have one in town. Dh dug up a little transplant to bring to our new property, but it’s since disappeared (not sure why). I miss it. I hope yours will grow splendidly after you give it that talking-to. 😉

    • I fear it may take more than a talking to – went to inspect it yesterday, it’s looking very sad 😦

      Hope you get your lilac.

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